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Pilot Accessories:
Radio Glove (RG)

Radio Glove (Red)
Shipping Weight 2lb 6oz
     $45.00 US

Radio Glove (Blue)
Shipping Weight 2lb 6oz
     $45.00 US

Flying in the NE Region or in the COLD??  We have perfected the giant scale aerobatics Transmitter glove.  Guaranteed to keep your hands warm on the coldest day at the field, while leaving your hands free to manipulate the sticks.  Special introductory price $45.00 while supplies last.

  • Velcro access to allow fast loading of TX.
  • Heavy duty canvas material exterior, felt lining interior.
  • Internal structure to keep the glove from interfering with the sticks.
  • Clear HARD window to provide hand clearance and view TX controls.
  • Window slot to allow for neck straps (recommended)
  • Elastic strap to hold TX in place while in the glove

RG-1 Manual

The glove works so well that even without a hand warmer that after 15 minutes of flying in sub zero weather the window actually starts to fog.  That's right, 15 minutes and your fingers are still comfortable.



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